Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7/26/2011 Leaf rubbings of the North East


Today went by especially fast.  Our day started out as repetitive as ever!  Wake up, eat cereal, play with toys, get dressed.  This morning the girls decided to play with their doll house for a while but it was soo sunny out that I made them put on their bathing suits for outside play.  We played in our tiny little pool, chased our chickens and tended to our tomato plants which Gaia tried to rake up! 
We did take some time to pick leaves from different plants for our afternoon project.  It was kind of scary walking around the perimeter of the yard, my husband Ian came across a copper head yesterday and that's the last snake I want to come across while playing outside with my toddlers.  We collected a tomato plant leaf, a sage leaf, some funky weed leaves, and a strawberry leaf.  We went inside with our collection and put it aside until after nap.  The girls tried to nap but when I went up to check on them their room turned into a sea of toys, blankets, and books all over the floor. 
So, after a long clean up we finally got around to our project, leaf rubbing! 
Sophia and Gaia were so amazed with their leaf rubbing results, it was like magic to them!

What you need for Leaf Rubbing

  an exciting array of leaves
  Crayons or colored pencils

Put your leaf under your paper on a hard surface, choose a crayon, and rub away!!


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