Thursday, July 28, 2011

7/29/11 Nature Collages, Crazy Painting, and Cup Cake Crayons...

Beginning of our walk
So last weekend I went to the grocery store and on my list was apple juice.  I bought apple juice, I put in the car, I brought it in the house, I even put it in the food pantry.  Who would of thought that the next Day I couldn’t find that darn apple juice.  That little bottle of juice had my head spinning all week.  I looked every where for the juice and even though I remembered buying the juice I started convincing myself that I never even touched it.  Well go figure my pantry slide out shelf got stuck today and it almost broke while I was trying to fix it…..what was propping that shelf closed? The apple juice!!!  Where is my brain these days :)
Sophia's Leaf

    Today my energy level was non existent.  My daughters of course was at 100%.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, projects, reading, running around outside???  How do I accomplish all of this when I don’t even want to get out of my jammies!  Well It happened, at about 10am I got ready for my day.  I attempted to get dressed only to find that my clothes are even smaller on me than the day before.  Thank goodness that by the time I was done getting ready it was lunch time for the girls!  I let them choose their own lunches today, they both chose oatmeal and fruit.  We had a quick quiet time because by that hour I was ready play and hang out!

We actually ended up doing 3 awesome projects today!  2 planned and 1 on accident.  We made nature collages, did some crazy outside painting, and made cupcake crayons (the accident).

    So first our nature pictures!  This is something I used to do with my pre schoolers.  We walked around the yard collecting small rocks, twigs, leaves, flowers, acorns, etc….  Then we took glue and glued them all to paper to make a beautiful nature collage!  Soooo easy and they had a blast.

Gaia's pebbles
working together

Gaia Gluing
working on collages
Sophia's Collage

Gaia's Collage

  The second project we did was crazy painting.  This is super messy so we dressed in old play clothes.  We took paint and basically painted in the drive way.  This is crazy painting because you can do things outside with the paint that you cant do inside without making a gigantic mess.  You can fling the paint, jump on the paint, smush the paint, etc….


Gaia's picture

 Our next activity, cup cake crayons, I found this morning while searching the internet for new projects.  Now let me tell you we have a crayon maker and the crayons it makes are nothing compared to cupcake crayons! 

Peel Your Crayons
Steps to make cup cake crayons
-peel your crayons
-put them in lined muffin tins
-break up your crayons and place in tins
-bake at 250 for about 20-25 minutes
-stir each crayon before letting dry
-wait until solid and cold
We used like colors in each cup so that our crayons would come out looking something like the colors of the rainbow.  We did though mix different shades which made beautiful colors when they were cooled.
Line your cup cake tin

Fill with your colors

and wait....

Place in oven at 250.  Wait.....

Right out of the oven. Stir each crayon.

Finished Crayons-Top
Finished Crayons-Bottom

 Now it’s time for a movie, some spaghetti, a couple of books, and finally bed.

3 Hrs. later: Girls are sleeping, kitchen is clean, and mommy has dark chocolate caramel brownies in the oven :)

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