Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amazing Tissue Paper Crafts

It is absolutely amazing how many projects you can create with tissue paper!  We set out originally to make tissue paper stained glass and ended up making four different projects.  The stained glass came out beautiful and so did the 3D flowers, the pasted flowers, and the water collages.  I didn't take pictures of the water collages but they are so simple and probably the favorite out of all the projects.  We'll start with instructions for the stained glass.

Supplies You Will Need
Tissue Paper of different colors
wax paper
construction paper
white glue

Step 1: cut your wax paper to match the size of the construction paper, I like to cut the wax paper a little bigger and then trim the edges when the project is complete.

Step 2: Put your construction paper aside.  Take white school glue and cover the entire sheet of wax paper with it.

Step 3: Rip up your tissue paper into all different sizes and shapes.  This is the part the kids loved the most, of course!

Step 4: Stick the tissue paper to the glue, be sure to fill every gap.  Overlaying the paper is just fine.

Step 5: Let your project dry completely, this could take a few hours.  I put ours in the sun and that seemed to speed up the drying process.

Step 6: Take you construction paper, we used black, and fold it into a tiny rectangle.  Cut out pieces along the folded edges to create different sized and shaped holes within your paper. Think about the snowflakes we make in the winter, it is the same cutting process.

Step 7: Put drops of glue all along your construction paper and glue it to the tissue paper side of your project. Cut excess wax paper if you left extra room to do so.

The next project we worked on today were these really neat 3D flowers.  The girls created an outragous bouqet for our kitchen table.  This is a fairy easy project and the only help the girls needed was folding up their tissue paper at the end.

What you will need
Tissue Paper
Pipe Cleaners

Step 1: put beads on your pipe cleaner or just leave it plain.

Step 2: Cut your tissue paper into Flat squares, you can use different sizes for a fuller effect.

Step 3: Poke your pipe cleaner through the center of your tissue square and start layering different colors. When you're finished layering squares take the top of the pipe cleaner and loop it over with a small twist.  Take your layers in your hand and squish them towards the center, manipulate them until you get a beautiful flower!

After we finished our 3D flowers the girls felt like they wanted to make more projects.  We took our pipe cleaners and crumpled our tissue paper to make these beautiful pictures.

I didn't take pictures of the water collage but I'll give you the instructions since the girls loved this project the most. 
step 1: tare up tissue paper
step 2: use a piece of white paper and lay a piece of tissue paper on it
step 3: using a paint brush, paint over the tissue paper with water until it sticks.
step 4: Use this method to add many layers.  You will find that you are making lots of new colors and the   texture is awesome! Your picture will be extremely wet but just put it aside to dry.  When your picture is dry you should have a beautiful tissue paper collage!

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