Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Seedlings.
The girls and I planted these last week and they're already so big and thriving!  We're keeping them in our sun room and will move them outside as soon as it is warm enough.  We're going to attempt to do some canning and pickling this year, it will be a success! So glad my life is kind of back to normal just in time for growing...
 This isn't even half of what we're growing.  We planted in our own organic compost that we've been making for 3 years.  Gaia kept picking out the little meal worms and playing with them calling them her little wormy friends.  As disgusting as I thought that was I didn't say anything because I hate to destroy her innocence of not knowing what kind of worm it really is.  Who determines the level of grossness anyway, is there a gross worm scale?  I think it's all in my mind.  Our children can teach us allot if we just watch and listen to them and most of all be able to admit to them that we are sometimes wrong......
5 Days Germination

9  Days!

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