Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm on my third baby and all 3 have been cloth diapered full time.  Some people tell me I'm brave (I think they are for not using them), some tell me I'm wasting water, and some tell me I'm wasting my time.  Others are supportive and interested!  I started making my own diapers when Gaia was born 3.5 years ago and now I've started again.  I made a few sample diapers out of upcycled pre folds and some cute cotton prints.  I'm sticking to fitteds because I like to sew them and I love using them with my babies.  I recently got a pair of snap pliers and will be adding snaps to my diapers soon.  Hopefully this will blossom into a small business, even a tiny business would be ok! Some new diaper fabrics that are on their way are Minky, Organic cotton sherpa, Zorb, diaper flannel, and some cute flannel prints.  Here are my sample diaps!  I'll be giving these away since they were just samples.  Since i used old prefolds I was able to center my pattern creating a natural built in soaker! I also just sold my old sewing machine to buy a heavy duty Janome to help get through some of my thicker diaper layers.

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